Cotteneth/Katie's KeyMature

The name of a rabbit is Cotteneth.
Cotteneth lives with Katie.
Cotteneth has Katie's Key.
Cotteneth is Katie's lifeline.
Correction: Katie's Key is Katie's lifeline.

Now I lay me down to sleep; pray the Lord my soul to keep. Guard and guide me through the night and let me rest till mornings light.


"Good night, Cottoneth." Katie whispered, and softly kissed him on the nose. She held him tight; she didn't want to lose him. She couldn't lose him. 

Cotteneth had one misplaced eye, and a frayed nose. Cotteneth's foot went missing from the first time Katie had heard about lucky rabbit's feet. Cotteneth's fur was stained, patches were missing, and he had half his ear chopped off. Even though all of this happened to Cotteneth, Katie still loved him. At least he thought she did. Maybe the only reason she kept him was because he kept her alive.

He walked slowly into the room. He held a silver blade that was so thin, he was able to cut through bone in one swipe. The moonlight glinted off the blade, making a reflection on Cottoneth. The rabbit awoke. He tried to tell Katie, but his smile was sewn shut and his arms were filled with stuffing. The man smiled a very lopsided smile at the rabbit. "Well. Look at you, you ugly thing."

Cottoneth stared at the man with his blank, bead eyes. What else could he do? Cottoneth was scared. He was very frightened. For Katie, and for her Key. He told Katie in his head that he loved her very much and that he would be back soon. But the man and Cottoneth both knew that was a lie. The man grabbed Cottoneth, and they tiptoed out of the doorway.

That was easy. The man didn't even have to use his knife. No one woke up, no harm was done. But the man didn't kill the girl, like he had planned. That made the man's brow furrow. He always stuck to plans. He hopped onto the black motorcycle with the passenger pod and started the engine. Too late now. He threw the rabbit into the pod, and they were off.

The End

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