The third does not live on planet earth....

This is not the beginning of our story....


Let me take you to a distant land, before the beginning......


.....Aia Stardancer laughed and glided away from her siblings across the lake of fire.

Flames licked around her pale blue cosmic form as she scrambled to get away from her older brothers.

"I'll give it back, I swear!" She called back over her shoulder through horrendous barks of laughter.

Her brothers, Rorin Firecaster and Zilon Angelkeeper, were relentless and crowed out teasing rhymes and insults she despised,

"Aia loves Gaia! Earth and Aia, sitting in a....whatever…. K-i-s-s-i-n-g!"

Aia smothered her laughter and swallowed her shame, slowing to a halt so they were flung past her in the sudden shift of gravity.

They tumbled end over end in the burning sky.

She reached into her energy form and felt around for the object concealed there.

It was a small metal sphere that twinkled and glittered like a far off world.

Aia was mesmerized by her reflection in the orb that rested in her palms.

There were few things on Aether that could show a reflection.

She committed to memory the star-like eyes set into her mouth-less face. They were shadowed only by the whirls of her bright blue 'hair' that was composed of a liquid that acted as though in zero-gravity. Blobs came off of the swaying mass, orbiting it before reconnecting as though they never were.

"Got it!"

Zilon whizzed past, his hand barely having enough time to close around the orb before he was flung into the air once more by the slightly larger Rorin cannoning into him from behind.


Aia sighed. Her chance would come far sooner than she could ever have hoped to dream.

The End

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