I abandon this story so long ago, I've forgotten the plotline. Collaborate, if you will, and help me bring this story back to life!

The human race has become very narrow minded. We refuse to accept new theories or ideas and forge ahead with our minds in the past.

We assume that if there is life beyond our world, that life would be of flesh and blood.

I assure you, we must turn to other theories.


This book you hold in your hands may say it is a work of fiction.....but I have seen with my own eyes the creatures, marvelous and terrifying, I have described.


Now, our story begins not on a distant world, but in the lives of three youth living in very different parts of our earth.....and one somewhere not entirely on earth at all.

Join me now on our adventure that will take you where you never imagined you could go.


Everything you know is about to change.....

The End

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