Beasts, Fears and then theres Dinner.

"Who are you?" Asked luna."A sailor who met a" Explianed Shakira not very well in engleish.
Bloodclaw was in a Inn that was full of were-wolves, vamps, and all other sorts, so her claws and tail and ears did not attract atenion."The names Lyall, and arr be a part-time pirate" Lyall grinned.
"She better've gone to the Legend inn. She won't get noticed there..." murmured Slashbane."I...Shakira" She moaned.
Bloodclaw was 14, but she ate a huge amount of food. She could pay for it all, anyways.Swiftly, Slashbane re-garbed herself in her silken corsair attire, and ducked through the alleys to the Legend inn."i am Luna." She said and transformed into her human form. She felt uncomfortable, she definately preferred her wolf-form.
Shakira stared. "" She mumbled.Bloodclaw smelled over the were-wolfs Slashbane, and sighed."Shakira be yar name. Sorry for the pirate speak- something yar pick up. Mind if I board this 'ere ship?" Lyall asks."" Stuttered Shakira.
Slashbane could smell Bloodclaw now. She had a very distinctive scent, catty and sharp. She licked her lips in a odd way, then ducked into the inn.Shakira, though far away, smelt Slashbane.
"That big ship there?" Asked luna, gesturing to a huge ship perched at the bottom of a cliff.
"Well, it aint MY ship. I dont own a ship. in fact, I dont own anything" She changed back into wolf form."Bloodclaw." said Slashbane, walking towards her. Shakira wondered: they don't think im ugly?
 I dont like wierdos jumping on a wreaking a good ship." Bloodclaw said without turning.
"Neither do I. But now we need to steal yet another ship..."
"Arr well sorry for the misunderstanding. I see yar like me, i mean in the werewolf way" Lyall said.Shakira stared at her half human half wolf body, she noticed her silk gown over her human half was sliping. She picked it up."" She mumbled.

The End

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