The Realm Deal

Shakira went over to slashblane." GET ME AWAY FROM THESE FREAKS!!!!" Bloodclaw yelled as she swam in the direction of the closest port.With a sigh, Slashbane slung her clothes into a hide bag and dived in from the top of the mast, wearing nothing but her natural fur.Shakira jumped in to."Aye this is strange" Lyall muttered.
Bloodclaw looked to see the freak she DIDENT know jump of. " WHY IS EVERYONE FOLLOWING ME!!!!"
Shakira mid jump spun 180 degress and a surfboard fell out of her fur. She landed on it.Her fur was turned a metallic black by the water, and she quickly started to swim, quite strongly for a werewolf."Arrr hey yar on yar own?" Lyall shouted to Luna.Shakira caught a wave and surfed near the ship.Bloodclaw could see the port, and she swam as fast as she could to it.Slashbane called to Bloodclaw. "Bloodclaw! What ye doing?!"
Shakiras wave stopped in front of Bloodclaw.Bloodclaw jumped out of the water, knocking her out of the way, and kept swimming.
"Hello?" Lyall says to Luna.
Shakira returnded the surfboard to her fur and teleported back to the ship.Luna jumps back, eyeing Lyall.Bloodclaw was about 200 feet away from the port now."Dont yar worry matey. I me ye no harm" Lyall says to Luna.Shakira saw Lyall and giggled. "Power is hard to find..."Should luna stay or run? She didnt know. "I must not be a coward, for I am powerful" She thought, and looked the visitor in the eye.Bloodclaw has about 150 feet away from the port, she swam even faster now.Slashbane growled, and swam faster.
Shakira eyed her back. "Memoirs of a...." She stopped."Yar dont need to eye me like that." Lyall said to Luna.Bloodclaw reached the port. She died herself off and walked into the town. She got a room at a Inn and sat downstairs eating lunch."Jeeeeeeeeeeeeez." said Slashbane when she finally reached the port."What are ye going on about?" Lyall questioned Shakira.

The End

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