The Inn, The Half wolf and her Story.

"I am going to stab the mast, OK? Before I kill anyone." Slashbane said, and she walked off to the mainmast."hello!" Shakira purred.Luna squinted at the horizon. Could that POSSIBLY be a ship in the distance?"Whoa the eggs hatching" said Connor and he summoned a fountain of water to support the egg. He picked it up and dropped iton the deck.
" WHAT THE HELL? Ok, this is crazey, can EVERYONE but the guy PLEASE GO AWAY!!" Teased Bloodclaw."Hello" said Connor.
Lyall stood tall, sword gleaming in the light.With one clean, swift, motion, Slashbane embedded one of her fine daggers in the gnarled wood. A gentle tug pulled it back out again, and she resheathed the blade.Bloodclaw said " Ok, this is just crazey.."
Lyall came right up next to the other boat.
Bloodclaw hated to many people, and said " Im done with this, you do it, Slash." And walked below deck.
Slashbane breathed heavily, then she decided to go up to the crowsnest to get away from the chaos on deck. It didn't take her long, with her powerful lupine body."If you guys havent noticed whhc you probably havnt" murmwered Connor "But someones down there" he said.Why do people ignore me" he said as a wave crashed behind him rocking the ship.Lyall swore she had been spotted, she was still in human form but handled her sword with ease. She held it gracefully and stood there.
Hi little dino" said Connor.
Bloodclaw threw the dinosaur over the side of the boat and ran below deck, went into the captains qarters and locked the door.
"Urgh. More people. I might just go Rule 13 - abandon ship in event of unwanted newcomers." Slashbane groaned.
Lyall saw these were obviously not a threat, and like her. She saw she wasn't wanted so replaced her sword and began to row backwards."Gaaaaaaaaaaaawd." said 'Bane. She curled up, glad of the peace in the 'nest.Shakira stared at Connor, realising she hadn't done anything in awhile.Bloodclaw went above deck and jumped off the ship and started swimming away. " I HATE NEWCOMERS!"Shakira moved her stare.Bloodclaw swam away from the ship, although she did not like swimming that much, she swam FAST.Lyall yelled "Arr, now will yar smartly tell me who the heck you arrre""Im shakira.." She hissed.Sensing a crew member had gone, Slashbane looked out to sea. Bloodclaw was swimming frenziedly away from the ship, almost as if in fear.

The End

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