The Crew has a tail and a tale.

Lupa saw a oval thing fall from the sky, dissapearing beyond the horizon. It looked like an egg, but surely that couldnt be!"Ohkaaay.." he said warily "A were-wolf and some freaky person with claws and another were-wolf. Things just get wierder and wierde" he thought.
Lyall was out on her small boat which she had been travelling on for a while. She put her feet up and let the tide take her."If ya don't want to, it's fine. We're just short of people, and I figured you'd fill some important slots."" I guess we could use another crewmate..." Bloodclaw said.Shakira jumped from the sea onto the deck.Lyall was gazing at the water when she saw another ship in the distance. Was this a possible chance to invade them or become an ally with them?"Ok i have a question" Connor Asked "Is that egg yours and why is it bright pink with smileys on it"
Bloodclaw slapped her head. " What the hell is with people jumping on bored these days!"
Shankira looked at Lyall and wondered if she should go back to the other ship.
"Okay, okay. A shark-boy, a freaky egg, and a halfwolf. WHAT. THE. HELL." said Slashbane.
" The egg is NOT mine." Bloodclaw said. She dropped in into the ocean.Shakira was about to jump in the water when she saw a boy." What happened to this ship, Slash, I dont know." Bloodclaw said.Lyall looked at the ship and pondered. She stood, and withdrew her two-handed sword she called "Brain Slicer"  She then looked at the ship again as she drifted closer.

The End

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