The Sea is never Far.

"HEY! Who told you to get on this ship!" Bloodclaw yowled.Connor scratched the back of his head nervously.
" First off, what are you DOING here?" Bloodclaw said.
"If you don't mind" he said "But i could bust this ship into
a million pieces so I suggest letting me on this vessle""Now thats settled im connor and you are?" he asked.Slashbane stared at this newcomer in amazment. Fancy this, a human boarding a corsair ship of mythical beasts without batting an eyelid!
" I dont know if I could belive that, but tell me why you where floating around the ocean." Bloodclaw growled.
" Call me Bloodclaw, stranger.""I wasn't floating my friend told me that humanity was on this ship" he exclaimed.
"Alright so you are bloodclaw" Connor said "And the wolf is..."."Humanity? Not on this boat!" Bloodclaw laughed. " There are were-wolves, me, and other things not anywhere close to humans.""Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on. You mean to tell me you can talk to sharks, you board vessels without permission, and act all friendly about it?!" Slashbane chipped in."Cool an egg" he said.
" What the-" Bloodclaw looked at the egg. " Umm.."
Uh yeah pretty much" Connor said "And I can control water but not for long"" I dont know, but if your looking for humanity, its not here." Bloodclaw said. The Egg was pink with a Smiley on it."Jesus." said Slashbane. "Well, he seems good enough..." she thought. "Want to join our crew?" she said out loud.

The End

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