Corsairs of Night

Slashbane stood on the deck, revelling in the feeling of a cold night breeze on her face. Her black fur was ruffled and matted, and her eyes shone amber in the dull glow of a crescent moon. She had vowed to stay in her were form until her paws left the ships for good.
A sudden caw from above caught her attention. It was a seagull, eyeing her warily. She was hungry, so she leapt up and grabbed it in a clawed hand. In one quick gulp, it was gone, eaten alive.
Bloodclaw took a scrap piece of wood, and started to carve it with her razor claws. "Bloodclaw, have ye seen anything promising hereabouts?" called Slashbane. Slashbane wasn't actually her real name, she had just taken it when she ran away.
She found herself carving a head of a wild cat, its jaws open, showing its long fangs. Not much but water, water, and more water." Bloodclaw growled.
Connor clingec onto a sharks fin and let it guide him to the hearest source of people. It stopped a few miles of a ship.Lupa was sitting on a hill in Norway, facing the sea. the moon shone in the dark blue sky. she was in her wolf-form. She had left the pack several weeks ago, vowing to find her own destiny. She watched the tide roll in, the ships, sitting still in the bay. Maybe the sea was her true calling, she did not know."Hmm. We need to find somewhere or other that actually has ships worth plundering..." mused Slashbane.Connor told the shark to go. He called up to the crew "Hello?" he said "If anyones up there can you hear me?" he asked.
" If we keep east, we will hit a port, and we could find some ships coming in and out." Bloodclaw sudgested.
"Harken, you hear that?" Slashbane bounded over to the side of the ship. Connor waited for a response and gave up. He climbed up the side clinging to lose bits of wood.Bloodclaw looked over to the side of the ship. " Thats a person, alright."
"Oh yeah hi" said Connor and climbed over the edge.

The End

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