Corruption: The Second Extract

It was a month ago that Matt Hughes and Laura Hall – both fifteen years old – were found shot dead outside their local school, FitzWimarc High School.

John Lloyd, the prime suspect of the murder inquiry of Matt and Laura, has been found dead inside his house this Saturday afternoon.

Police have confirmed that the cause of John’s death was a suicide that could somehow be connected to many disturbing versions of the same story, written all round his house, which depicts the murder of Matt and Laura.

Psychiatrist Darren Manifold responded, “His primal desire to kill could have taken over his subconscious and consumed him. This had driven him to the ultimate insanity, which ended his life.”

He also said, “Since people are beginning to become influenced by the feeling of irresistible power, they feel that they can do whatever pleases them.

“This man has been influenced by power, and has ended the lives of innocent people. It is possible that he was frightened of being caught, however, in these circumstances, this is unlikely.”

Police have found a note in one of John’s desk drawers, which says, ‘He never leaves me alone. Every day, he’s here. He’s always in my mind.’

David Crooks, a Police Inspector, stated, “This is a very complex matter and it’s possible that John was forced into killing Matt and Laura by another person; if so, we have to find out who it is. This person would’ve driven John to commit suicide and because of this, we have no trace of who it could be.”

A gun has been found beside John Lloyd, which police think is the same gun used for the murder of Matt and Laura. Only John’s fingerprints were found on the gun.

Further inspection of John Lloyd’s suicide will continue tomorrow.


(Extract from Rayleigh Times, written on 11th May 2009, about the corruption of John Lloyd)

The End

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