Falling apart

"Do you really think that little of me? Do you really think I don't love you that much?" she asked, her voice dangerously low. He couldn't stay there; the pressure in the room was pushing down on them from all sides, making his own skin feel tight and uncomfortable.

"I'll sleep on the couch tonight," he murmured as he pushed the covers away from himself. Her hand reached out and grabbed his wrist before he could move it, her fingers closing around it tightly.

"Please don't leave," she whispered. He risked a glance at her face; tears were shining in her eyes. "Let's pretend like we're happy for one night." She was pleading with him now, begging him to stay with her. Her hand tightened around his wrist some more for emphasis.

"Come here," he said as he pulled her to him. She leaned against his chest as he snuggled down into the covers, turning off the light as he went. They laid in the dark like that for a while, neither speaking, just listening to the other breathe. They were both awake and even though they knew it neither broke the silence. In the darkness Ryuji felt something begin to unravel.

Any hope that he had that the words that they had exchanged the night before would disappear was quickly destroyed when neither of them could bring themselves to speak to each other in the morning. They went about their routines in silence, walking past each other without even an acknowledgment. He could see the string unraveling now, could see it pooling on the floor, twisting around their feet, messing up their steps. He didn't know how to stop it, couldn't find the source and it was driving him crazy. He felt like he was wading through water with each step, breathing in carbon dioxide instead of oxygen with each breath.

The End

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