Cleaning UpMature

“Almost there…” I struggled with the box above my head.

“Anne, let me help,” Kensuke offered.

“Almost there!” I raised my voice in warning as I stood on my tiptoes to put the box on the shelf where it was supposed to go.

“Murakami-san, allow me,” Masato insisted.

“I said I’m almost there!” I practically shrieked.

“Oh give it up, you’re way too short to reach,” Kai sighed.


I gasped as I lost my grip but Yuuya caught the box before it dropped.  He looked down at me with a smirk as he put the box on the shelf.

“Isn’t it adorable how she thinks she’s tall enough to do anything?” he said as he ruffled my hair.

“Don’t call me adorable,” I muttered whilst puffing my cheeks out.

“Well, now that’s all done,” Emi said as she cleared her throat “There’s something I want to try out.”

My breath hitched as she pulled out a paper doll for us to all see.

“It’s called the Sachiko Ever After charm,” she announced as my heart began beating louder than normal “It’s to help friends be together forever.  We all hold this amongst us and after repeating in our heads ‘Sachiko, we beg of you’, um let’s see…”

She counted the people in the room as I just fixated my eyes on that cursed paper doll.

“Ten times because there’s ten of us here!” she said.

Everyone crowded around her, taking the paper doll in the grip.  I stood rooted to the spot as they all looked at me.

“Anna-chan?” Yuuya inquired.

The End

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