to be stoppedMature

“B O O K   O F   S H A D O W S…”

I gasped and stopped when an unfamiliar voice ripped through my mind.  It was completely different to Sachiko’s and it startled me to the point where I felt like I would have gone into a seizure of sorts.  I slowly turned my head towards the alleyway where the voice had called for me.

“Hello?” I whispered uncertainly “Who’s there?”

I was motivated to move down that alleyway and stopped beside the dumpsters where a book with a skull at the front lay.  I frowned and crouched down towards it.  Books shouldn’t be treated like this.  I picked it up and gazed upon the spooky cover in wonder.

“You’re beautiful, why would anyone throw you away like this?” I asked before feeling it some more.

It felt like animal hide, it must have been expensive.  I opened it and felt the pages which had foreign words and runes inscribed on them.  I flinched at the unusual texture.

“Skin?” I whispered as I shook on the spot “What kind of book are you?”

I flicked through the pages thoughtfully before coming to terms that this was some book of witchcraft.  How interesting though, very interesting.  Such topics always fascinated me.  So I decided to close the book and take it home with me where I could read it.  I won’t practice any of the magic, however, such taboo acts should never be practiced by a mere human like me, right?

The End

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