After My Mother's FuneralMature

I decided to walk around for a bit after the funeral.  I didn’t know what lay ahead of me as I didn’t go to Dakudou like the original timeline but instead opted for Kisargi Academy.  If I had gone to Dakudou, I would have had my friends with me and we would have gone to Akiyama-senpai’s place to have cookies and ice cream to cheer me up.  My father had gone straight to his favourite bar to drown his sorrows away, he was no longer the loving father that I remember.  But that’s alright, it was best if I left him alone.  I have other things to be concerned about.

I clenched my fists as Sachiko’s laugh echoed through my mind.  I made the stupid mistake of investigating that damned Shinozaki estate and barely made it back home.  That was the day when my mother finally passed away and my father was in the middle of the sitting room with a bottle of sake in his hand.  But I was too wrapped up in Sachiko’s curse, I could always see her in the corner of the room or out of the corner of my eye.  Since then, people had been avoiding me due to my disturbed nature.  But that was alright, I didn’t want to drag anyone into this curse.  The only thing that I was confused about was how well I was taking it.

Curses are meant to kill right?  And yes, I did cough up blood, vomit my lunch et cetera.  And yet, there are times when I can suppress her, especially at school when I was most vulnerable.  But why?  What am I doing to be able to suppress and control this curse upon me?  I continued up the street…

The End

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