Kimura ZackMature

“Oi, Anne!” Zack hollered as he waved to me then patted the spot next to him “Come over here!”

I blushed with a soft giggle and ran over to sit next to Zack, setting my notebook down on the bench and my lunch box on my lap.

“Here, Kimura-kun, I made some extra for you,” I said as I opened my box and picked up my chopsticks “You know skipping lunch isn’t healthy you know.”

“Ah, I know, I know,” Zack waved his hand as I picked up a sushi roll “But compared to my dad’s cooking?  I’d take your cooking over anyone’s.”

I couldn’t help but giggle shyly.  We’d started going out last week and I was still slightly nervous of being intimate.  But, there was only one way to get food into this football player’s tummy.

“Here, say ‘ah’!” I said as I offered the sushi roll to him.

“Ah!” Zack mimicked as he snatched the sushi roll of my chopsticks with his teeth “Mmm!  This is so good!”

I blushed and giggled again whilst shyly leaning my head against his shoulder and having some lunch of my own.  He draped an arm around my waist and I fed him some more lunch as he flicked the hair out of his eyes, looking up at the sun.

“Brilliant weather for a game,” he grinned happily “Oi, Daichi, I’m so going to kick your ass today!”

“I’d like to see you try!” the redhead jeered “Ah, wait, I need to pick Riku up from school first!”

“Tch, fine, but you’d better not be late this time.”

“I won’t,” Daichi grinned and scratched the side of his head.

The End

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