Dakudou High SchoolMature

“Argh, I hate Maths!” Grace whined as she lay sprawled out on her desk “Mr Tsuji is so boring and mean!”

I laughed at my best friend who puffed her cheeks out and folded her arms.

“Don’t be so down,” I said “Hey, we’re going to meet up with the others soon, you’d better get your lunch.”

“Hm, OK…” she mumbled as she picked up her lunch box.

I stood with my notebook in hand and my lunch box and listened to Grace chatter away happily as we made our way down to the courtyard.  Inoue Grace was the very best friend I could ever ask for.  She loved reading my stories, she always found a way to make me smile and I could share any secret with her without worrying that she might blab to other people.  We met in the library and hit it off right away, becoming fast friends.  However, there is this one flaw that I’d like to fix about her.

“Um, Grace, what are you looking at?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

She let out one of those perverted snickers.

“Oh, I’m just watching those melons of yours bounce up and down!” she said with a perverted grin.

“Grace!” I blushed and deftly smacked her head with my notebook.

She giggled and ran off in front of me, clearly eager to reach the courtyard to have lunch with the others.  I smiled despite my embarrassment as I entered the courtyard and was greeted with the sight of my eight friends that I had found myself having in Dakudou High School.

The End

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