Byakudan Senior High SchoolMature

“I have to stay late today,” Yuuya sighed with an annoyed tone “Yamamoto is insisting that we all clean up the student council room.”

I frowned as I ate one of my sushi rolls and tilted my head to the side.

“Hm, you don’t sound so happy,” I said.

“We were going to go to that film tonight, I don’t know how long this is going to take so we’re probably going to be late.”

The horror film’s trailer flashed in my mind and I shrugged, remembering what it had been like at Heavenly Host Elementary.

“It’ll be fine,” I reassured him whilst pushing a prawn into his lax mouth “Cleaning up can be fun you know.”

“You’re only saying that because you’re a girl,” Yuuya huffed.

“Well surrounded by friends you can make it fun,” I shrugged.

“I suppose it would be fun to knock out that tomboyish bitch with a basketball,” Yuuya snickered and I shoved him playfully.

“Yuuya-nii, you should be nice to women!” I scolded like the typical sister role I played for him.

Yuuya laughed and patted my head like the typical brother role he played.

“Who else is cleaning?”

“Well, there’s Kurosaki,” Yuuya shrugged as I fed him a sushi roll “Urabe…Shimada…”

“Urgh, really, they managed to get him to clean up?” I wrinkled my nose at the image of the playboy cleaning up the student council room.

“Indeed, I’m surprised myself,” Yuuya nodded “Let’s see…I believe Fukuroi is getting dragged into this too as Yamamoto has been nagging him for a while.  Katayama is also tagging along, I believe, followed by Ohkawa of course.  And knowing Kirisaki, she might come too.”

The End

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