I'm lost, can you help me, Oniisan?Mature

“I’m lost, can you help me, Oniisan?”

He stared at me with wide, unbelieving eyes.  I blushed and shifted, looking down.

“I’m sorry, uh, I don’t know your name and I was with my daddy earlier and, and, and…”

And here come the waterworks.  I sniffed and cried, covering my face.

“I want my daddy!”

I took a sneak peek through my fingers to see him stare down at me, no readable emotions on his face.  He dropped his hamster, wiped his hand on his shorts and offered it.

“Hey, stop crying already,” he said as I took his hand and wiped my tears away “So where did you last see your daddy?”

I looked around then pointed back to where we had been earlier.  His grip was tight, he was crushing it so tightly it might break if he put some effort into it.  He noticed me squirming.

“Oh, what’s wrong now?” he asked and I flexed my hand in his grip “Oh, am I squeezing too tightly?”

I nodded and he loosened up to my surprise.  I looked up at his smiling face which was so much more different to what I remember him being like.

“It’s going to be alright now,” he said “Your Oniisan will take very good care of you.”

I hiccupped and smiled, nodding my head.  Hook, line and sinker but this was just the beginning.  As we walked up the street, finding my father and his brother and sister, we planned to meet again.

The End

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