I'm fine, let's just get that ice cream.Mature

“I’m fine…” I said as memories flashed before my eyes whilst I watched Yuuya run away from us “Um, let’s just go and get that ice cream…”

I was in no mood to get some toy.  I ate my mint and chocolate ice cream in silence as I remembered from the previous time loops of Yuuya’s demise at Heavenly Host Elementary.  I didn’t want to follow after him to get attached and have my heart broken at the sight of his bloodied corpse.  I couldn’t save him, he was too far gone.

That evening at home, I ate my dad’s noodles in silence, feeling a bit put out at the sight of that young version of Yuuya just run past me like that and have no recollection of my face.

“Anne, are you alright?  You look upset.”

I looked up at my father and just forced myself to smile.  In seven to eight years, my mother will eventually die from whatever made her ill and bound to that hospital bed.  I had to feign ignorance for the sake of his sanity, because I know he was in denial and that my mother’s peaceful demise will just send him down the path to bereavement and he will never recover.

“I’m just a little bit tired,” I said “I wanna go to sleep early tonight.”

So I went to bed that night after brushing my teeth and getting into my pyjamas.  And I dreamed of Sachiko laughing and pointing at me.  The dream ended with her face turning sombre and she uttered:

“You’re annoying.”

The End

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