I'm fine, excuse me...Mature

“I’m fine,” I replied and smiled up to my father.

Wait…  I began getting a sense of déjà vu, this has happened to me before.  I gasped and looked up at the retreating figure.  Kizami Yuuya!  It was him, I remember! 

“Excuse me,” I said before running after the boy.

“Oi, Anne, come back!”

I chased after Yuuya with a sense of urgency.  I remember what had happened in Heavenly Host Elementary, he nearly killed me.  He had always wanted to have a little sister and he killed his other classmates!  But in those eyes that had stared down at me so sinisterly, I wanted to help him.  Help him to avoid his fate of becoming that hideous anatomical model and killing Daichi!  Riku had been so distraught at the loss of her big brother, maybe if I intervened I could save him too and her sanity!

I saw the older boy by the river bank as he sat on the grass and playing with the dead body of a hamster.  I took in a deep breath and smiled nervously, crossing the grass to meet with him.

“Excuse me?” I caught his attention.

“What?” he asked bitterly.


He was psychopathic this young?  Sheesh.

“I uh…um…”

The words couldn’t come out.  What do I say?  How can I engage his attention?  I needed to get involved with him in order to make an impact.  But how do I make him interested in me?  Kill myself?  No, no, that was too hasty, but what do I say?

“Um, you see, uh…”

The End

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