I'm fine, let's get ice cream and go to the toy shop!Mature

“I’m fine,” I said whilst smiling up at my father “Let’s go get ice cream!  And then we can go to that toy shop!”

He smiled back down at me as I took his outstretched hand and let him lead me towards the ice cream parlour.  Later at the toy shop I bought a big white teddy bear with a red ribbon around her neck and decided to call her Alice.  Then we went home and my father made dinner.  He wasn’t bad at cooking but I really missed the way my mother used to cook her spaghetti bolognaise.  My father never really liked Italian food, sticking to making Japanese food because he’s that much of a patriarch. 

“Is it good, Anne?” he asked as my mouth was full of the noodles he had prepared for me.

I hummed loudly in satisfaction, my grin hidden by the copious amount of noodles I had stuffed in it.  I had to be cheerful for him, get his mind off my mother’s sickness.  He always blamed himself and I never understood why?  Had he noticed symptoms but never thought to take her to the doctor?  Did he cause the sickness?  I don’t think I would ever know the root of this guilt he held within him.

Later that night, I clutched onto Alice whilst I dreamed.  I love dreams, running around in fields and meeting different and curious characters.  But this dream was different.  I was in a school, it was dark, it was cold and I was scared.  There was a girl in a red dress standing in front of me, about seven years old like I was.  She was laughing and pointing at me.  Her laugh was enough to scare me to wake up and cry out for my father.  But I never saw that girl in my dreams again.

The End

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