After the Hospital VisitMature

Anne always seemed to be on the receiving end to disasters and sometimes she happily accepted to become the sacrifice for the better good. But with the twisting alternate universes she finds herself getting tangled up, will she ever realise her lesson of not messing around with choices?

I was walking down the street with my father, we were returning home after visiting my mother at the hospital.  She was very sick, she had been very sick for a long while, shortly after I had been born actually.  The doctors don’t know exactly what’s wrong but to have been sick for around four and a half years?  Surely they would have found what was wrong with her now.

“Hey, how about I treat you to some ice cream, Anne?” my father proposed and I smiled up at him.

“Yay!” I cheered.

I was most definitely in the mood for a mint and chocolate ice cream.  Being in that dreary hospital was a pain.  The only time it was cheerful was during my birthdays when we would visit my mother and she would be smiling wider than before.  She must be so lonely in that depressing building, surrounded by the stenches of chemicals and the wails of other patients in pain.

“Then maybe we can look through the toy shop?”



“Shut up, leave me alone!”

“Yuuya, come back here at once!”

Before I could answer my father’s second proposal to cheer me up, a boy who was about a year older than me ran between us, breaking my hand away from my father’s who shouted at the boy who tore away from an older girl and boy.  They stood there watching as I nursed my hand tenderly.

“Are you alright, Anne?” my father asked as he crouched by me.


The End

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