A long time ago...

A long time ago, a fierce king was hunting in the royal woods. Separated from the hunting posse, he ventured deeper into the dark forest, before stumbling upon a small clearing. Tall irregular shaped stones were sticking from the ground. Overgrown by moss and strangled by ivy, they were desperately calling for a touch of heaven. In the middle of the clearing stood an altar. Twilight was coming fast and the king felt his steed becoming restless. But just when the king wanted to spur the horse, he noticed a small basket lying on the altar. When he approached it, he could hear a soft whining from a baby child. As soon as he stepped down from his horse, hundreds of birds started to squawk. He didn't pay attention to those feathered animals before, but now they were making a terrifying noise. As the forest holds many dangerous secrets, he didn't want to stay much longer, but first he had to see what was inside the basket. Slowly, he removed the cover, revealing a young and beautiful baby boy. Seemingly not suffering from the cold, the child was lying in a small bed of soft little feathers. He wanted to touch the infant, but hesitated. After all, this could be a witch's trap. But could he leave the child behind? With darkness falling in and mad birds threatening from the trees? When suddenly the child grasped his thumb, the decision was made for the king. The birds went completely crazy and, one by one, they came down, attacking the king, pecking at this face, shoulders and arms. Without thinking, he picked up the boy, wrapped it in his long red cape, trying to keep it from harm. Holding the child in one arm, whacking birds with the other, he hardly got on this horse. With the courage and the persistence of a king, he did manage and fled the cursed place. Bleeding heavily, kicking the horse to catch speed, he hurried back. Partially by instinct and perhaps more by luck, he ran into his companions, who were already searching him. When they gave first care to their sovereign, they were totally surprised to discover an innocent looking infant in the king's cloak. With haste, both king and child were escorted back to the castle, where more challenges awaited them. At that point, nobody could predict what would follow next. 

The End

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