Corbin, the Raven Prince

It was a dark night. One of many in an everlasting winter that has held the region captive for too many centuries. Only shadows of time now fell on the almost abandoned valley. Once, the region prospered, under the watchful eye of the then beloved princes. Today, only one remains, but also his heart has stopped beating. He still lives in that frightful ruin on top of those scary mountains. Scorched by fire, pestered by a cutting wind, haunted by the miseries of the past, the castle still stands, as a memorial of its gruesome history. A place to avoid, for most, but not for Corbin. He still calls it his home, although his name only lives on through legend. Nobody has seen him since countless time, but the birds are still there. Pitch black ravens that attack every nosy wanderer. Corbin, the Raven Prince, still lives. He must. Can there be any doubt about that? But can it still be called life? After everything that happened? Sour memories are all that remain. It's a shame. A real shame. The three princes had such a promising future to look forward to. So what really happened? 

The End

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