Cora Halbet -- The Beginning

The Beginning

Whenever she looks at that window, she just wants to cry. Cora Halbed is just thirteen and on her own. Her brother fell from that window six months ago. Her mom left Dale, Cora’s brother alone when he was four years old. Cora came home, from school to find Dale’s lifeless body.

Her mom died two weeks later, right after Dale passed away. Now Cora is all by her self with no family to speak of. This is a story of a girl who is all by herself, trying to get by, trying to find her self.

Cora never goes to school, in fear of being sent to a foster home. They will probably ask to many questions. If she did go to school she would be in the 7th grade Thinks Cora as a couple of girls walk by. Everyday she asks her self the same questions. What will happen to me? What really happen to Dale? What can I do to find myself? In addition, every day she kids herself, They’ll never like me, anyway. They’ll think I’m freaky. I will never fit in.

Cora had friends before the accident. Now she does not. She does not know why, She just does not.

Everyday the passed away “Mrs. Halbed��? gets letters of eviction. Nevertheless, the eviction never comes. Their just warnings, even though Cora thinks they will come one day.

Cora is a 5ft small girl who now is afraid of everything. Her hair is a light brown with natural blond highlights. Her favorite stuffed animals are, Cocoa a very dark brown bear who is very soft; Macalli the blond dog; Sugar the white cat and Butternut the tan bunny. They are the only ones who have comforted her for the 6 months that have past since the accident.

The End

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