"Damn. We're screwed, guys. There's millions of them." That might be an exaggeration, but does it really matter when there's too many to count and they're all armed?

             "Let's ditch the girl and run for it."

            "Run for it? Run for it? And be shot down like deer? Are you crazy? Besides, we need the girl. Our lives are worthless without her." Another exaggeration you ask? Not at all.

            "Why don't we just go out the back?" Stupidity must run in his family.

             "You don't think they'll have that covered?" Why is it I always get stuck with the idiots? Really. "Give me the girl. We'll get out of here yet."

              "Um. Why?"

               "I'm not going to kill her, you idiot. Hand her to me." The idiot pushes the girl towards me. She stumbles and falls. I catch her.

                "Look kid. Get us out of here and you might just survive. I can't promise anything, mind, because the road ahead of is going to be tough, but I can guarantee that if we don't get out of here you will die. And it won't be pleasant."

                 She shivers.

                 "Under the stairs. There's a passage, it'll get you out."

                 "Us, kid, us. It will get us out." I scoop her up, the idiot and his friends following me.

                 "How do you know it's not a trap?"

                 "I don't. But it's the only way."




The End

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