Cooking 101

After Lindsay's baking teacher left to go to California, she is left with a substitute to help her continue her baking studies. What happens when the substitute turns out to be a popular, handsome, smart yet mysterious guy with constant mood swings? Is he hiding something?

Lindsay's life revolves around three men. Who knew her life would change so fast?

Who knows? Maybe she would fall in love with one of them. Question is, which one?

               "No! That's not right! You have to put baking powder on the cake! It wouldn't rise!" my teacher, Mrs. Lopez, corrected. She took out my batter from the oven and corrected my mistake.

               "Really? I thought you just needed to bake it in the oven for it to rise. What's the baking powder for?" I inquired, knitting my eyebrows in confusion.

               "Baking powder works by releasing carbon dioxide gas into a batter through an acid-base reaction, causing bubble in the wet mixture to expand and thus leavening the mixture." She added baking powder in my mixture and placed it back in the oven.

               I stared at her blankly, trying hard to process her foreign words in my head. "Okay," I said slowly, not quite understanding her explanation.

               She sighed, wiping her hands on her apron. "Just remember to add baking powder to your batter."

               "I'll try my best," I responded, giving her a cheeky grin.

               She smiled, shaking her head in response. "You know," she started, "I have a strong feeling that you will become a great cook someday." She looked at me confidently.

               "Are you serious? Knowing myself, I'd probably burn the whole kitchen down," I stated in disbelief.

               "Don't be so harsh to yourself, Lindsay," she scolded, "you better make me proud when I get back."

               I stared at her in shock. "Back? What do you mean when I getback?Are you going somewhere?"

               "I'm scheduled to go to California for an interview. Apparently, they've seen my cooking blogs on my site," she added with a smile.

               "That's great! When will you leave?"


               "What?" I interjected. Why was she leaving so suddenly? Mrs. Lopez has been my baking teacher since I was in 9th grade! I'm now a senior which means that she has been my teacher for almost three years! I'm surprised at how I'm attached to her already.

               "Oh don't worry, dear," she stated, seeing my worried face. "I won't leave you. Let's just say, I'm having a vacation."

               "A vacation? Then who's going to teach me in my baking?" I questioned, raising an eyebrow.

               "I'm not quite sure yet, but I'm sure I'll find a replacement tomorrow. Don't worry," she said, sending me a small smile.

               "Okay. When will you be back?"

               "I'm not sure yet. It depends if they like my recipes," she joked.

               I managed to crack a smile. It would be selfish of me to let her stay here and not let her pursue her dreams. The timer went off from the oven, and Mrs. Lopez hurriedly took out the cake that we baked. A delicious aroma filled the kitchen as I felt my mouth water. We decorated the round cake in white and pink icing after it cooled. A smile was tugging its way to my lips as I eyed the cake.

               "Feeling proud of yourself?" she asked, a smile on her lips.



               My alarm resounded by my bedside. Realization dawned on me that Mrs. Lopez would be leaving for California today. I slowly opened my eyes, squinting them as they adjusted to the light. I turned off my alarm; My eyes landed on the clock. 7AM. She should be in the airport by now. I sighed inwardly as I made my to my bathroom. I took a quick shower and got dressed for school. I wore a pair of faded blue skinny jeans, a white tank top, a black cardigan, and a pair of white Converses. I ran a hand through my shoulder-length brownhair. When I was contented, I exited my room.

               I went downstairs to eat breakfast. I took out a box of Lucky Charms from the top cabinet and began making myself a bowl of cereal. As I took out a spoon, my parents entered the kitchen.

               "Morning, sweetheart!" my mom greeted as she took a seat opposite me.

               "Morning, mom, dad," I greeted back, taking a mouthful of cereal. They both smiled at me and I grinned.

               "I heard Brenda went to California. Who would be your substitute for the time being, darling?" my dad inquired, reading an article from the newspaper.

               "Yeah, she did. I don't know yet, dad. I'll find out later, probably," I responded, finishing my breakfast.

               "Okay. Have fun today, sweetheart."

               "Thanks mom, dad! Love you!" I called, making my way towards the door.

               "Love you too!" they chorused simultaneously.

               I proceeded to make my way to my worn out Subaru Outback. I got in the driver's seat, put on my seatbelt and headed to school.

               I parked my car beside a fancy black Mercedes towards the back of the parking lot. It was almost empty at school, a telltale sign that it was still too early. I instantly regretted coming in early. The hallway was empty as I made my way towards my locker. As I reached my destination, I dialed the combination and took out my planner. Realization swept through me that I was alone in the hallway. Goosebumps started to appear on my skin. I hurriedly went outside and sat on one of the empty benches outside the building. I took out a book and started to read when all of a sudden one of the jocks in school, sat beside me. He had medium length umber hair; He's pretty handsome.


               I blinked. Was he talking to me? "Um, hi," I answered, awkwardly.

               "Mind if I take a seat?"

               "You're already seated," I pointed out, raising an eyebrow.

               "Right." Another awkward silence settled in. I couldn't focus on my book anymore with him sitting right beside me.

               "You know," he started, breaking the silence, "it sucks when you arrive in school early."

               "Tell me about it," I rolled my eyes, cracking a smile.

               He laughed. "So, why are you in early?"

               "I don't know. I guess I just relied on my instincts to come in early. You?" I questioned, facing him. I took in his warm, chocolate-colored eyes.

               "Someone pranked me, telling me that there were people giving out treats today," he flashed me a handsome smile.

               I laughed, still not breaking my gaze with his eyes. "Really? How could you fall for that? It's not even Halloween anymore."

               "I know, I'm pretty gullible," he ran a hand through his hair.

               "I can see that."

               "Ouch," he stated, raising his palm to his heart, mocking hurt. I just laughed even more. "So what's your name?"

               "Lindsay Brown," I answered, raising a hand.

               "I'm Nate Fox," he introduced himself, taking my small hand into his large, warm ones. He shook my hand and let go.

               Suddenly another guy approached us. Him and Nate did the man hug thing. I took in his short and wavy brown hair. I was drowned in his piercing emerald eyes. They were the most beautiful green eyes I've ever seen.

               "Take a picture, it'll last longer," the green-eyed man commented, his mouth forming a smirk when he caught me looking.

               "I-I won't," I failed miserably, breaking eye contact.

               He smirked wider, crossing his arms over his chest. "Whatever. Hey Nate, coach is looking for us. He said we'll have an emergency meeting," he said, focusing on Nate.

               Nate got up on his feet. "Okay. I got to go. Coach will kill me if I don't show up. See you later, Lindsay! I had fun talking to you," Nate waved at me. I waved back, watching his retreating figure until he was out of my trail of sight.

               I was about to focus back on my book when I hear two voices calling out my name. I turned around and spotted my two best friends, Max and Elise. Both have been my best friends since freshman year. Elise had long brown hair and dark brown eyes, a shade darker than Nate's. Max had short black hair and bright blue eyes. He's part of the school's football team. Probably with Nate and the green-eyed man. My suspicions were true when he said his next words.

               "Hey, Lindsay!" both chirped happily.

               "Listen, guys, I have an emergency football meeting so I'll catch up to you guys later!" he shouted as he jogged towards the football field.

               "Sure!" Elise and I yelled back at him.

               "So, what's gotten you in high spirits this morning?" she questioned me.

               I raised an eyebrow. "What? What gave you that idea?"

               She gave me a blank look. "It's written all over your face."



               "Well, I just made a new friend this morning."

               "Really? Who?" she inquired, becoming interested. She took a seat beside me, the seat where Nate occupied earlier.

               "Nate Fox."

               "Nate Fox?!" she exclaimed, her eyes as wide as saucers.

               "Yup. Why are you so shocked?" I asked, becoming confused.

               "He's one of the hottest guys in this school!" she banged my head lightly.

               I rubbed the spot where she hit me, mocking pain. "Hey! What was that for?" I demanded.

               "You're so lucky! Was he with his friends? Aaron and Luke?" she gushed, avoiding my question.

               "Who are they?" I deadpanned.

               She scowled playfully. "He's always with them! They're like the hot trio!"

               I shrugged. "Nate was with his friend earlier. He's got emerald eyes and-"

               "OMG! That's Aaron Marks!" she interjected, excitement clear in her eyes.

               "Okay," I responded, feeling bored of the topic.

               "Oh c'mon, Lindsay! Do you honestly not know them? The whole school practically knows them besides you."

               "I never knew about them until you told me," I responded, rolling my eyes.

               "Wow, Lindsay, I'm shocked," she stated unbelievably.

               "Whatever, Elise," I stated, the school bell going off.

               She huffed. "Fine, see you at lunch."

               "See you!" I went to my first class which was Chemistry.

               I made my way to my usual seat. I scanned the whole class and just found out that Nate and Aaron was in this class. They were talking to another handsome guy with blond hair. I couldn't make out his eye color. It was a mix of green and blue. Our teacher Mr. Michaels appeared in the doorway.

               "Aaron, Nate, Luke, take your seats," he ordered the trio. I realized that they are the guys Elise was gushing about. The trio went to their seats which were located behind me. I was shocked. I never noticed they were seated behind me! I wasn't even living in a hole!

               "Hey Lindsay!" Nate greeted me, a cute smile on his lips, showing his dimples.

               I smiled back, throwing a glance at him. "Hey." I caught Aaron smirking and Luke showing a confused face. I couldn't help but grin.


               Class went by quickly and before I knew it, it was time to go to my baking class. Before I went to class, I dropped by my locker and took out my recipe book.


               "Um, hi Nate," I said, confused as to why he's calling me.

               "I just wanted to ask if you're coming in early again tomorrow? I really like spending time with you," he asked, his cheeks tinting pink. Aw, I thought, he's so cute.

               "Sure!" I responded a little too enthusiastically.

               "Early morning date?" a new voice spoke. I noticed it was Luke.

               "Nope," I said at the same time Nate said, "Yes."

               I shot Nate a look that said 'Yeah right - I just met you'.I stared at Luke's mesmerizing blue green eyes. It was such a beautiful color. "Okay then," he spoke again, "I believe we haven't met, I'm Luke." He extended his hand towards me.

               I took it, "I'm Lindsay."

               "Nice to meet you, Lindsay," he let go of my hand.

               "Well, I'd love to stay and chat but I have to go. Bye! See you guys tomorrow!"

               A part of me felt nervous about knowing thesubstitute, another felt excited. I made my way to the parking lot and got in my car. The black Mercerdes was nowhere in sight. I drove all the way to the baking school I go to. I attended baking classes because my parents urged me to. I parked my car and got out. I locked my car and faced the car beside mine. It was a fancy black Mercedes. I shook my head, that couldn't be the same black Mercedes, right? Maybe it was just coincidence.

               I went in the kitchen and surveyed the area, it looked the same as I left it yesterday. I don't see anyone else here. I assumed the substitute was late so I took out my recipe book and apron. I wore my apron and scanned through some recipes in the book. A voice suddenly spoke, startling me.

               "Are you Mrs. Lopez's student?" the voice inquired in a bored tone. I turned around as I raised my palm against my chest, steadying my heartbeat. My eyes came in contact with familiar, emerald-colored eyes.

The End

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