It is without that we can see within.

It's not like anything makes sense to me here. 

Perhaps you're not the one I've been looking for. 

That's what I'd said to him when his eyes shown tears that I never want to see on his face again.

Maybe I'm just being rude.

But how can I when I'm here to show him how to be prosperous?

If he would call it that.

He probably wouldn't think of it that way when he knows me.

I caught his hand in my own and grinned like I had salvaged something I had lost long ago.

I whispered.

You cry for nothing. Your frailty is an excuse for life. I can be the one to show you there's more to be done then the aging of your habits.

He seemed convinced and stopped his tears from falling.

That helped.

I never want him to do that again.

Not when I'm here to see it.

I cut my hand with my knife.

I let it bleed.

He watched, mesmerized by the draining life.

I flinched. 

The pain was nothing.

It was the way he gazed at my hand that .. hurt.

Now, what do you see?

I questioned his curiosity.


Of what? I asked.

A wound.



I groaned. Was I really wasting my time here?

What else?

He looked at me quizzically. I edged closer to him.

This time he flinched.

He suddenly seemed to fear the presence of red on my skin.

It angered me that he felt such piteous emotion.

I glared, my eyes aglow with radiating fury.

The words I hissed would have made the heart stop its beat.

He trembled at I snarled.

I let my blood scatter onto his fear-stricken face.

Like a grotesque painting, the spots of ruby slid down from its designated spot, forced to lower to the ground by gravity.


Eternally down.

To be wiped clean when its ripe colors went dry.

Fading from the skin.

A stain no more.

My anger dissipated like the ceasing storm.

He did not seem to fear anymore.


He looked calm.

I smiled faintly.

What did you see?

He smiled this time as well.

I saw nothing.

Nothing of what?

Nothing of anger.

Nothing of fear.

Nothing of sadness.

He took my blood in his hand and brushed it over his closed eyes.

He opened them and saw me.

I had been right all along.

I found what I was looking for. 

Nothing left.

He said it with such conviction.

I do not have any cause then?

Not without anything.

Not without me.

Are you sure?



The air smelt of iron.

Of me.

He didnt answer.

I knew he wasnt.

The answer...

...the oblivion of solution...

was enough to break us both.

The End

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