Conversations With The Leaves

The Silence was overwhelming. There was nothing to see for Belle. She knew this, but she looked around anyway. And there was nothing.

It was a beautiful place. Flowers and trees grew, but nothing lived. Nothing made a sound, there was not a breath other than her own, there was not even a single cricket to break the silence.

When a breath of wind came, it breathed life into Belle. She would listen deeply, and wish when the wind was not there that it would be there.

Belle had not known how she had come to be left in such a place. This place was full of luxurious things for her to eat, and beautiful things for her to look at. But there was nothing that could walk on any amount of legs.

Belle had been following a river for days. She could walk along the riverbank, contented in her thoughts for as long as she liked. She often wondered what other people looked like, if she was strange, and if she was different, or if she was beautiful.

Many would have gone insane, put in Belle's situation. Many would have begged for something to get them, to kill them. Belle never wished for this. Belle did not know of human company, therefore she did not miss it. Belle only knew of conversations with the trees, she only knew of talking to the leaves.

The End

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