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Homer stepped out of his house to a beautiful world. The sun coming up gave the fleeting clouds the colors of the rainbow. The dulcet chirping of birds filled the air with song. The weight of the buried treasure had been lifted from his shoulders. Haydon had taken the mini balls home with him, promising he'd try to sell them. Homer didn't care, he was just glad to get rid of them.

Homer was the first to arrive at the cemetery, no surprise there. The little office wasn't open yet, so he'd left picking up the cheat-sheet to Haydon. He unwrapped a second piece of Nicorette gum. He wasn't suppose to chew more than one at a time, but it was either that or light up a smoke.

In the quiet of the morning, Homer could hear Haydon's diesel. Homer looked up to see Haydon approaching from a different direction, he pulled up and parked across from Homer.

Homer called out, "Did you get the cheat-sheet?"

Haydon climbed out of his truck, slamming the door twice. "I did, and I got something else too," he said, pointing both index fingers at his new, clean bib overalls. He spun around like a ballerina. Homer, laughing, climbed out of his Blazer, "You look as shiny as a new penny."

Haydon extended his hand. "I got something for you too Hom," He handed Homer two twenty dollar bills.

"What's this?"

"Your cut of the mini balls. I got eighty bucks for the whole lot. I sold them to the Cut-n-Bait shop. He said he'd melt 'em and make sinkers."

Homer said, "Cool, we found treasure after all, just not as grand as we thought. By the way, how do think they got buried so deep?"

"From what I've read there wasn't much in the way of shelter in those days, so they dug holes in the ground and covered them with whatever they could. I think this was probably a dugout, and when they moved on that box was overlooked." Haydon stuck a pinch of Copenhagen in his jaw, "Anyway, that's what I think."

Homer spit out a big wad of gum. "Who we burying today?"

"Elmer Fudd."

Homer laughed, "Really, who's movin' on?"

"Elbert Frudd, you know him?"

"Yeah, wasn't he the ......"


The End

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