'Good evening God, I know it's late but, I have been up all night.. I'm in quite a tizzy here... Oh this sounds so dead.., Well as you know, I have no soul now... I know, I know, I shouldn't have been so hasty but, why should everyone else have all the riches, all the fame, all the fun.. I mean what made them more worthy than me?.. really  Lord, worthiness is quite overrated.. anyway,  Now, when I made this deal with ~L~ the contract appeared out of nothing then, after I signed it, it burst into flame, that can't possibly be binding.. and you should see how he laughed in my face.. well he almost burst a vein!  I guess what I'm trying to say is, ~J~, rest his soul, I loved that man but, I feel cheated, he was only around for 10 years and my fame well, it was gone in a flash, if I had known it would go this fast I would have put some stipulations, I would have thought twice about signing that paper..or whatever it was,  I don't feel I was treated fairly.. So I wanted to ask you to make ~L~ give me back my soul and I think he really needs to be punished..  I hope you can take care of this for me.."


"Oh, tell Jesus I said hello"

The End

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