Conversations.. ~L~

He cocked his head and actually smiled at me, if you could call it that,, it was more of a crack.. yes that was what it was a crack in his face to show his disgust with me. It was a step up really , all he'd done before this was tap his black nailed finger/claw on the table top, at least I think it was a table,  you should have seen his face when I asked for water..

"And you want water?" 

Well now, if looks could kill, I would be so very dead.. He nodded his head at someone or something I hadn't seen and a glass of  boiling water was set in front of me.  I couldn't drink that.. it was hot as he-- well, it was very hot, I did let him know that..

"Oh.. you want to drink it... just let it set, it will become room temperature eventually."

Eventually, I'd die of thirst before then, he kept it so godawful hot in here.  Anyway, I felt it was best to get back to the conversation, I was sure, I could wear him down... work out something....  something!

"As I was saying, it hasn't been that long and, I didn't realize it would be so.. so.. oh what's the word.. uncomfortable, yes, uncomfortable..  You can understand I'm sure.."

I don't really think he understood.. but, that wasn't going to stop me.

"You know about the money..  and I can be very, very generous, so.."


"So.. how much do you want?"

Well... he was laughing, I'm not sure if that's a good thing but, it makes the mood lighter.  He was really laughing hard, I thought he was going to have an aneurysm for a moment.. and it wasn't that funny I mean really. Between guffaws he managed to remind me I signed a contract.. I did and that was another thing, the damn thing just went up in flames, I have no proof so, it shouldn't be binding.  I told him that too.  He slammed his fist/claw/hand down on the table top?

"Lady, you are truly one in a million.. what do you think,  You think there is a return policy, you think you put it in storage... YOU SIGNED IT AWAY!  You got your money, your lover, your fame, you got everything you asked for!"

He was right about that but, my love was long gone, my fame was fleeting at best, I still have money, plenty but it means nothing.  I'm getting older by the day and I hope it's my imagination but for every year I celebrate seems I gain 5.  I'm 55 and I look ever bit 60 or more, I told him that too..  And I let him know I was angry, very angry.

"You remember this face, you will be seeing it again!"

"Of course I will, in about six months!"

I was so pissed off I screamed the first words that came to mind at him....


The End

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