» 5 hours later
« Hold up. I need to know what happened in between
» eh
» the journey really was boring
» i can tell you about it when we meet up
» why don’t we just get to the real matter at hand
« Which would be?
» i got my first look at the Academy
» we were in a tunnel for ages then it opens up to this really cool view of this massive complex
« Right?
» we’re getting pretty close to it now
» i’m super… nervous? i guess?
« What/?[5] Why?
» excited’s maybe the word
» but like what if i mess something up and have to go home
» i’d be an embarrassment to everyone
« Oh yeah. That.
« I was like that too. Don’t worry about it, everyone’s super friendly b/c I’m pretty sure everyone was like that. Even the teachers when they came here. And you know what to do, just remember the training. You /do/ remember the training right?
» ofc[6]
« There you go then. The serges back home all said how terrible life would be here, but it’s really not that bad. There’s actually a lot of free time to, like, live.
» alright. the train’s pulling in now.
« Remember, you know the drills. Everything’ll be fine. cya
» Goodbye.


The End

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