» so i get on haul my stuff on the rack and sit down next to some old guy
« Why would you do that
» all the window seats that are just like two seats next to each other were taken
» so i sit at a table
» it’s easier to read at a table anyway
» and there’s this old guy doing some puzzle in his newspaper
» he was balding, but didn’t really want to admit it, he had this like tiny amount of hair covering this massive bald spot[1]
« Ew
» kinda embarrassing
» i couldn’t stop looking at it for the whole journey
« Alright. I don’t care about this guy anymore
» there’s more
» he chewed his pencil as he did his puzzle, for like 3 minutes at a time
» it was #rekt by the end
« Seriously. Stop. You know I hate that
« Also who even says that anymore
» i’m telling you about this guy bc it’s like the only interesting thing that happened on the whole journey
» it was like 5 hours with one stop so i’ve got 3 hours of journey with nothing but this guy
» he like looked up and smiled at me when i sat down
« Please
» you’re the one who wanted to know everything
» you only have yourself to blame
» i didn’t want to make eye contact so i got a good look at his puzzle book
» there were 4 puzzles on the pages he had open right
» but in the whole 5 hours he never once turned the page
« Can’t have been that hard
» ikr[2]
» worse part is i’m actually worried abt this guy, like is he ok?
» does he have some sort of puzzle deficiency?
« He prefers the term “puzzle impaired”
» so i sit down and get my book out
« What book?
» the one you gave me “Silent House”[3]
« So,,, you like it?
» yeah it’s alright
« Alright.
« It’s alright.
« It’s amazing alright. Don’t get me started on that book bc I’ll be over it like you over this balding old guy.
» i like the setting, it’s really cool
» i kinda wanna live there
« Ikr.[4] The way it’s this modern utopia with everything you could need, but you constantly feel like there something wrong just beneath the surface
» calm down
» i got a good way into it but i’m not done yet so no spoilers
» not that i’ll have much time to read it anymore
« Yeah. Training can get pretty demanding
» ugh don’t talk to me about it
» so i sit down, say hi to the guy
» might as well be civil
» we’re going to be smelling each other’s sweat for 5 hours
» then we’re off

The End

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