Chapter 22Mature

Aaron stood up; his arms wide open, welcoming an embrace.  He sauntered towards her, away from the plush couch by the window.  Light streamed in, flirting with the shadows, illuminating the large room.

“How are you going Anna?  Are you feeling better?  We were worried that you were going to die.”

He gazed out the window, the jagged skyline of the capitol city of Ordspy a harsh sneer cutting through the perpetual smog.

She stood mouth agape, her grey-blue eyes exposing the tumultuous shock and anguish as his words sunk in.

 “What are you going on about Aaron, what happened to me?” She gasped, latching on to the door frame for support. “I just woke up. I’m sure nothing has happened to me in the last eight hours. I would have known.”

The End

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