Chapter 17Mature

The incessant pounding on the door ceased however the pounding in her head did not.

“Come on, just unlock the door.  There’s no point in hidin’ yourself in that room, you ain’t going to prove anything,” Aaron whined his fist softly thudding against her door.

“Bloody hell Aaron, don’t you ever listen?  I’m never going to be able to trust you, listen to you or be happy in your presence.” She sighed and rolled over in the lush bed, her nose brushing against the starkly white wall.

“They told me I couldn’t see my family Ron,” her voice cracked and her throat constricted making it hard to force the words out. “They said I could never see them again.”

“Oh come on Hon, you can’t believe anyth. . .”

“Shut up Aaron,” she breathed out forlornly. “I told them Aaron. . . I . . . I  told them that until I see them I refuse to allow any substance to enter my body; no food, no water, no Dosage.”

She heard his sharp intake of breath from the other side of the door.

“Don’t be stupid babe. You’re a Demic you need that Dosage, you should know that.  Imagine the damage you’re doing to your body by not taking it. Remember last time?”

“Actually I don’t remember last time or anything before that.  How do I know this isn’t all some kind of act or massive pretence to hide something? And don’t you think it’s ironic that by not taking a drug, we’re doing damage to our body? Surely you don’t think that a chemical that gives you muscles and strength, to the degree you have, could possibly be good for you.”

The imaginary sound of gears turning in his head, as he tried to fathom what she had said, was almost palpable in the ensuing silence.

“You can’t see them.” His words split the silence. “What they said. . . what they said was true. You can never see your family again.”

Their heavy breaths mingled in the silence.

“What are you saying?  Are they sick? Don’t they want to see me? Do they hate me?”

A sob escaped from her clenched lips and a tear dribbled down her waxen face.

“Oh come on Wyn, just let me come in.  I don’t want to tell you through this stupid door.”

“Why can’t I fucking see my family,” she screeched.

“They’re dead.” The words filled the room, slithering into her ears, her nose, her red-rimmed eyes, her quivering mouth.  The words poured into her, drowning her in a grey tidal wave of grief. She choked on her scream as her tears dribbled into her mouth and clogged her throat.

She scrambled out of the bed and lurched towards the window, desperate for some fresh air.  The grey smudge of Ordspy’s towering skyline clashed against the vibrant greens and golds of the fields behind it; the fields where her family should be. A large drop of grey-tinged water splashed onto her nose, mingling with her tears. She looked up and saw a mossy, slime dangling from the window sill.  Looking down she saw the rust stain in the metal ladder that dug its claws into the concrete wall.

Looking back over her shoulder she saw the door shudder as Aaron tried to barge through.

“What are you doing?” he roared.

Taking a deep breath, she swung her legs over the ledge.  Grasping the sides of the window she slowly lowered herself down, her muscles straining, until her bare feet brushed against the cold, slippery rung.  She stood clinging to the ladder, an insignificant girl a dot in the jagged sneer of the shark, and opened her mouth and screamed. 

The End

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