Chapter 14Mature

She walked behind him, admiring his confident gait.  Now adjusted, her eyes were wide open in awe as she swung her head back at forth, gawping at the little village in the woods that was fully sustainable yet lacked any technological assistance.  Children ran around bare-chested, their exhilarated tittering echoing through the trees.

“It’s so beautiful here,” she exclaimed, latching on to his arm as two boys swerved around her feet.

“I love it here,” he replied, eyes glinting merrily. “There are some very beautiful things around here, some of them quite new,” he whispered huskily in her ear, sending a shiver through her body.

She looked away awkwardly, trying to find something else fascinating lurking in the trees.

“Tell me about where you are from.” Gryffon smirked, before swinging onto a hidden trail between the trees that she would have missed.

“I… I can’t really remember really.  In fact, I can’t really remember anything at all; it’s like a thick blanket is covering my memories.”  She paused, gripping the gnarled trunk of a tree. “I did it again, speaking as if I was one of ‘em druggie Demics.”

“That’s what happens when you stop taking the drug; memory loss is one of the side effects of withdrawals.”

“But I’ve only ever taken the Dosage once and that was when that creepy dude poisoned me.”

His eyes darkened and his brow furrowed as his lips curled back as if to growl.

“The bastard.”

She laughed at him, “My words exactly.”

The corner of his mouth twisted and the dappled light brought out golden flecks in his exquisitely green eyes.

“You are quite temperamental.” He grinned, and then rubbed his arm when she punched him playfully.

A bell chimed out and Gryffon instantly straightened, she froze, her heart thumping erratically.

“What’s wrong?” she whispered, her words wobbling slightly.

He turned to her and his eyes were cold and serious, his mouth tightly clenched. He was silent, her heavy breaths the only sound in the little clearing.

“Dinner,” he said grimly before a wide grin stretched across his face.

Winking at her he swivelled around and sauntered back the way they came, his chuckle drifting behind him.

“Arsehole,” she snarled before reluctantly trudging behind him.

The End

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