Chapter 13Mature

Rain splashed up from the pitted concrete as she hurried along beside the sandstone building.  Skipping every second step, she arrived panting and damp at the large oak double door. A Thick named for their thickness in muscle and for their thick skull, stood sentry at the looming entrance.  A quick glance at her uniform followed by a flickering grimace at the muddy spatters staining the hem of her pants, before he resumed his blank façade and allowed her to enter.


Sweeping arches and ornate engravings were illuminated by streams of light that drifted through the coloured glass windows depicting scenes of Demics healing the world and undoing the wrongs of the inferior past generations.  She smiled as d left the main chamber of the Academic Society Information Centre (ASIC) and slipped into a small room, the air thick with the musty aroma murmuring the secrets of the ancient books that were crowded on the lopsided shelves.  Dragging her finger along the shelf she relaxed as the dust gathered on finger, proving that no one else had been in this special room while she was comatose.  She used to sit in this room for hours reading of the wars and diseases of the past.  The other Demics used their sleek technological devices to research and design the future however she found the past so much more invigorating.  Settling into the grimy couch, she reached for a random book, coughing slightly at the dust cloud that followed.

She delicately loosened the crusty, hard cover to reveal the yellowing, slightly transparent pages inside.  She was instantly ensnared by the gruesome recount of something called the Holocaust, which took place nearly two centuries prior to her reading.  She had a slight recollection of references to the Holocaust in past volumes but had no idea of the dreadfulness of her ancestors.  Putting the heavy book back on the shelf, she wiped away a tear, thinking of the people who remained oblivious and impassive as millions of a discriminated race were separated and punished for no fair reason; all for the aim of a ‘perfect’ race.  A traitorous thought flickered through her mind; one that should never have been thought of. 

Is that not what was happening now? The tests in school to isolate those that excelled either physically or mentally, those children then taken away from the ‘scum’ of the world.  A city filled with people brought up and chemically enhanced to be a perfect race, just like Hitler’s Aryan Race.

She quickly changed the treacherous thought path.  The majority of the population who remained in the city’s outskirts were well provided for and lived reasonably prosperous lives.  That’s what they were told, she knew that this was true though, none of her family had been selected to be a Demic or a Thick and she was still in contact with them.  She stood upright, her eyes watering at the hazy plume of dust that followed her up.  She had forgotten about her family in the last few weeks, which was really troubling considering she used to think of them at every waking minute.

She had to confront Aaron.

The End

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