Chapter 9Mature

She pulled the duvet up to her chin, shivering as the icy tendrils of the morning slipped through the open window. Green eyes flashed in her still slightly groggy mind. She moaned as Aaron followed a slight tap on her door.

“What do you want Ron?”

He grinned mischievously before lunging forward and pulling her blanket down.

“Aaron!” She yelped indignantly scrabbling to regain the warm cover.

“Rise and shine darling,” he beamed. “It’s time to go back to classes.  You’ve slacked off long enough.”

She rolled over, thumping to the ground in a tumble of sheets and limbs.

“Go away. Let me sleep.”

“You’ve been sleeping for three months honey.”

He lumbered from the room, pausing at the doorway to swivel around.

“You have until 0800.  Do whatever you females need to do in the morning.  But be quick, we don’t want you late for your first lecture.” His eyes sparkled as he closed the door behind him.  She groaned and threw a shoe at the wall and snarled at his answering chuckle.

 She heaved a sigh of regret as she hauled her aching body into a sitting position.  She rubbed her blurry eyes and groaned at the thought of the tedious day to come.  She gripped the edge of the wooden bed frame and heaved to her feet.

 She trudged into the bathroom, stripped then stepped into the shower.  The hot, soapy streams soaked into her weary body, smothering the cold.  She winced at a prick of pain that radiated from her ankle.  Looking down she saw the skin was red and slightly inflamed, a white line slicing across the inner ankle.  Switching the water off, she wrapped herself in a thick/ soft towel.  She pulled the tumble of slick, blonde hair into a quick bun.  Cautiously she rested her leg on the side of the bath.  The skin on her lower leg was still tinged pink but the inflammation had settled.  She tenderly prodded at the spot where the skin had stayed white and a dull ache trickled from beneath her fingers.  On closer inspection the skin was coarse and raised and was ringed in a bright red line.

Quickly pulling on the grey slacks and crisp white blouse that were the standard uniform for the Academics, she made sure that the scar was covered.  Unravelling her hair from the bun, she quickly brushed and blow dried it before pulling it back into a neat pony tail.  Looking at her reflection in the mirror she winced at unemotional pale blue eyes set back in a gaunt, pallid face.

  What had happened in the past months?

The End

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