Chapter 8Mature

“It feels like someone has thrust a red-hot poker into my head,” she screamed into the black abyss. She lay back on the bumpy mattress and surveyed the cell that had housed her for the past few days. “Nope, too clichéd,” she muttered to the slime, oozing down the slick, grey bricks.  She jerked upright, to the dismay of her throbbing head, “ Wow, where tha hell di’ tha’ come from”.


The silver, slightly dinted, door snaked open revealing a monstrous, gruff man.  He shuffled forward, slouching and turning to the size to enable his expansive shoulders and gigantic height to pass through the open doorway. 

“Ya tucka tonight miss is a big and juicy steak, steamin’ roast veg and a bottle of water.” He winked and smiled broadly; a few teeth missing.  Her traitorous stomach growled and she knew she would be salivating if not for her extreme dehydration.

“Take it away.  You know I won’t risk being poisoned again.”

The tray clattered on the table occupying the centre of the room, a chunk of grisly meat and some shrivelled parsnips huddled in a watery slop.

“I don’ know many a way more ta tell ya – we don’ go ‘round hangin out with em peeps who poisoned ya.”

She shrunk further into the corner, “I don’t believe you.  This is just some act to make me trust you.  Go away.”

“Well nice chattin’ wiv ya.  I’ll let ya get some rest.  If ya get curious or becam a trustin’ sort just holler or explore for ya self – the door ain’t never locked.”  With a goofy grin spread across his face, he squeezed out of the door, leaving it ajar.  She could hear his heavy footfalls as they slowly disappeared down the corridor.

She shimmed down the bed, pulled up the scratchy blanket and finally drifted off to a fitful sleep.  She dreamed of grinning bears and cackling sharks.

The End

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