Chapter 6Mature

A slight tap on the door was the only warning before the man swooped into the room, offering a pained smile.  He stooped awkwardly for a moment before seemingly remembering his purpose and shot out his hand which grasped a glass of water.

“Here, you must be parched.”

She took the glass and gulped it down greedily, wrinkling her nose slightly at a bitter tang.  The glass shattered on the glinting steel ground next to her feet, shards embedding themselves in her bare legs.

“What did you do?” she screamed as blood started to trickle down her legs and her vision became blurred. “You bastard! You poisoned me!”

“Calm down.  I have not poisoned you, well at least not with a drug that will harm you.” His sneer was unnerving; his perfectly shaped teeth out of place in his sunken face. “All will make sense to you again soon.  I apologise for the pain but it is unfortunately a necessity. You will thank me later.”

“There ain’t no way tha’ I’m eva gonna thank ya.  Ya killed me, ya can’ talk when ya is dead!”

“You aren’t going to die

She felt Ash being pried from her limp arms but no cognitive thought flittered through her mind to protect him.  As quickly as the man had entered, he left; with a bawling bundled held out in front of him. Wynta was left alone, shuddering, as a foreign substance invaded her frail body and her blood stained her legs and pooled at her feet.

The End

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