Chapter 5Mature

She looked up at the sky and sighed.  The smog had only worsened in her small absence.  Towering glass buildings that she once knew so well seemed foreign and menacing.  A blaring light flashed, signally that it was now safe to cross the slick of tar.  Another sigh escaped her lips as she watched a man slip on the greasy road; his shoulders slumped as the first droplets of rain that had been threating to come, finally were released on the morose city.  Moving on she walked past the concrete slab that had been the park in which she had played in only a few years ago – her gleeful laughs as Aaron had chased her around a haunting whisper in her cloudy mind.  Sleek, black vehicles sped past, leaving a muddy spray in their wakes.

She ducked into a dodgy looking café to get out of the rain.  The taped up windows allowed little light to enter the darkened nook.

“What dosage, miss?” A short girl in black ripped jeans and a white singlet yelled out from behind a pocketed wooden bench.  Anna looked blankly at her for a moment before comprehending her question.

“Um, just a half serving, thanks,” she meekly replied.  Glancing around the room, she saw a dilapidated booth slouched in the corner.  She had only just eased into the booth when the man, the one who had fallen over on the street, slunk into the room.

“What dosage, sir?”

“Ah, just water thanks. None of that poison crap,” he retorted.  He snatched the glass from her shaky hand and sneered at her befuddled expression before stalking over and settling in the seat across from Anna.

“We need to talk.”

The End

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