Chapter 3Mature

She glanced up from her meal to see Aaron avidly watching her eat.  Slowly she put her knife and fork down and awkwardly coughed to get his attention.

“Um, like what you see?” She smirked at his inflamed cheeks.

“Very much so,” he smiled.  It was her turn to blush. 

She glanced up at him from lowered eyelids.  He sat across from her, a black t-shirt sporting a Freshwater Corporation logo taut across his chest; she crinkled her nose in dismay.  To her relief his boyish, lopsided grin and mischievously glinting eyes peeked out from beneath his chemical-pumped and harsh exterior.

“How’ve you been Ron? What’ve I missed in my spontaneous absence?”

“You haven’t missed anything major, just a war, a serial killer roaming the streets and an alien invasion.”  He grinned and swept his hair back from his forehead.

“Ha ha ha, very funny.  But seriously, how is everyone?”

He sobered up at her sombre expression.

“Everyone is well .  Everyone is really well.” 

“Will I be able to see my family?” He froze; his fork halfway to his mouth. She took this as a weakness and hurriedly pressed on, “They must’ve heard about my condition. They would have been so worried Ron.  Poor Mama, she’s probably driven the whole town crazy with her worried ramblings. Please talk to your father, he’ll grant me permission to see them.  I miss them so much Aaron.” 

He sat for a moment his face devoid of any expression.  He stood abruptly, throwing his napkin on the table and swiftly strode from the room.  She sat for a few minutes in utter silence, her eyebrows furrowed in confusion.  Dazed, she gawked at his plate, steam wafting from the baked vegetables, his seat askew.

A maid hobbled in and refilled her glass of water, disgust etched on her face.

“Drink up, it’s good for you.” Anna heard the sarcasm but was too baffled by Aaron’s actions that she ignored it.

Quickly gulping the strangely sweet water she figured that she might as well explore the city that was sure to have changed in the past months; hopefully not as much as Aaron had.  Unhurriedly she rose from her seat, tucked it in and walked away from the dining room. A ray of sunlight streaming through the window shone directly on her empty glass and the ring of blood red that seeped from its base.

The End

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