Chapter 1Mature


 Aaron stood up; his arms wide open, welcoming an embrace.  He sauntered towards her, away from the plush couch by the window.  Light streamed in, flirting with the shadows, illuminating the large room.

“How’re you goin’?  Are you feeling better?” He gazed out the window, the jagged skyline of the capitol city of Corbank a harsh sneer cutting through the perpetual smog. “We were worried that you were going to die.”

She stood mouth agape, her grey-blue eyes exposing the tumultuous shock and anguish as his words sunk in.

 “I just woke up. I’m sure nothing has happened to me in the last eight hours. I would have known.”

“You’ve been in a coma for over three months.” Apprehension creased his brow. “We didn’t think you would ever recover.”

“Why did I wake up in my bed? Why don’t I feel strange?”

“A few days ago you showed signs of recovery.  The doctors didn’t want to scare you, they brought you back here where you could wake up in a recognisable place,” he paused. “I wasn’t meant to tell you any of this but I thought you deserved the truth.”

“I still don’t get it.”

“You don’t remember?” He took her hand and gently rubbed his thumb over the back of it. “You forgot to charge up. You were so worried that you’d get caught that you took a double.  Your body couldn’t handle it.”

Wynta looked at the ground, the dark blue carpet catching in the rough callused skin on her toes.

“Why would I do something so stupid?  I’m a Demic, not some brain dead drug addict.”

He pulled her into his arms, his warmth enveloping her, calming her shuddering body.

“Well,” he chuckled, “you’re definitely not brain dead.”

“Are you calling me a drug addict, Ron?”

“We’re all addicts ‘round here.”

He sobered at the sadness that dulled her usually bright, lively eyes.

“Trust me Hon, even though what you did was really stupid, I can understand why you did it.  President Hunter, just the night before, announced that the laws concerning the Dosage were increasing in severity.  Anybody not taking it was to be banished and labelled a traitor, without a deeper look into the reason they didn’t Dose up.”

Her shudders returned with a vengeance.  Her legs collapsed beneath her and she slumped to the ground, bringing Aaron down with her.

“Oomph,” Aaron breathed.  “You okay?  What happened?”

Shakily she shook her head, “I’m okay, just a bit shocked.  I’ll recover quickly.”

Her mouth quirked at his befuddled expression and tussled hair as he slowly unwound himself from her and stood up.

“Good to have you back.”

The End

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