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In a future dystopian world (of course) the elite rely on 'the Dosage' to keep themselves physically and mentally superior to the rest of the population who live on farms outside the city. The story switches from two different stories- that of Wynta who is on the run from her past (which she can't remember), and the story of a girl who lives in the city but also sufferers memory loss after being in a coma for a few months.


Gasping, she staggered into the icy grimy water that clawed at her bare feet and the tattered hem of her pants.  She cursed under her breath before whirling around to face the shivering girl behind her.

“Hurry Ammi, they aren’t far away. Pass me Ash.” She snatched the whimpering bundle out of her sister’s trembling hands.

“I don’t wanna go in there Wynta,” Ammi whimpered, edging back from the murky river.  She slipped on the muddy embankment and grabbed a dead, warped tree to regain her balance.  The sleek, metal skyscrapers surrounding them cast ominous shadows in the dim light.

“I don’t care whether or not you want to. It’s either some dirty water or the Freshie’s Dense army,” she snapped back, before sloshing towards the distant silhouette that she knew to be Hunter Bridge; a massive structure spanning across the shallow, but wide river that cut and wound through the city.

“I’m sc...scared Wynta, I miss home,” Ammi called from behind her.

“We can’t ever go home Ammi; Ma, Pap and Noah are dead because of me,” Wynta spat.

“You’re a liar Wyn. Paps an’ Noah would’ve fought back, they is too strong to be killed.” Her little hands were crossed and her face contorted into a pout. “You’re jus’ saying that coz you’re jealous that they still love me and Ash after you ran away from ‘em. Ma is prob’ly at home crying ‘cause you stole us from her.” 

“How could you possibly say that Ammi? I didn’ abandon you guys, they took me away from home and tried to make me something that I’m not. I ran away from them and they killed Ma and Paps and Noah ‘cause they was cranky at me.”

“You’re such a meanie. You left home cause you wante…”

Her words were swallowed by a piercing scream. Wynta reeled around in time to see the light glint on unseeing eyes and her sister’s limp body slump to the ground, the handle of an ornate dagger protruding from her small back.     

Wynta choked back her own gargled scream and fought against the hot, furious tears that threatened to spill as a massive silhouette appeared in the dense smog.

Heavy, black boots sunk into the oozing mud as the woman advanced towards the edge of the river. Clad in skin-tight black leather and armed with a myriad of weapons the woman’s malicious sneer was by far the most frightening. She nudged Ammi’s lifeless body, inciting another choking sob from Wynta’s constricted throat.

 “Stop running Wynta. You know what will happen when it wears off. Come back home to the ones who really love you.”

“You just slaughtered my family in front of me you psychotic bitch.”

“If you run, I will not follow you. Not yet. I will let you forget. I will let you make friends. That is when I will follow you and when I find you I will kill you and everyone around you.”

With a final helpless look at her sister, she stuck up her middle finger before running towards the bridge.

The woman’s ruthless, callous chuckle stalked her through the fog, slithering behind her as she fled from the city and from the memories of her past.

The End

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