Signs of a higher power

She was psychic, I could tell.  The way she knew it was time for a double, the suspicion that I would take mine black, that sugar would send me over the top.  I hoped she'd stay.  Mustn't seem too needy.  Repeat, needy, but not desperate.  I'd have wait to see what Bruce thinks.  Frack Bruce.  She's my nanny, I thought as she handed me my cup with that, 'it'll be alright dear look in her eye.' was that a wink, or is my vision just giving me trouble? 

"When do you want to start?" There I said it.  I just said it.  I couldn't wait for  a long drawn out, chat about her future plans. 

"Well." she blew across the top of her cup.

"Soon?"  The coffe was bitter, it was hot, it was perfect.  She had long eyelashes that grazed her cheeks when she looked into her cup.  Frack, I've got a crush on my fracking nanny.  "Tomorrow?"

"The coffee?  Is it okay?" she sipped, and puckered.  Her lips were that naturally full, never -moked, and just-watch-me-eat-a-strawberry kind of full.

"Better than okay."  I'd finished my cup and hoped for a second, but I'd get all jittery if I did, but maybe that would be okay.

"Tomorrow, then." She placed her empty cup in the dishwasher, like it was her own. "I'll drive the woman home on my way." she winked, a definate wink.

"Woman?" I'd forgotten about the visitor downstairs. 



The End

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