Conundrum of life

Lucas stood there on the edge the cliff looking, wondering, thinking. The blue of the seemingly endless ocean stood before him staring straight back into his cold, empty hazel eyes. His mind was a barrage of thoughts darting round his never ending thinking process. The gulls swooped down and around him, gliding on the invisible wind that tousled his wavy brown hair.

He looked below him and saw the break crash against the rocks at the foot of the cliff. He looked up into the air praying for an intervention. A divine intervention to show what he wanted to do was wrong. A signal to just end this madness. But nothing came. He looked behind him. Nothing just gaping fields with no end, no sign of life no one to keep him from what he wanted to do.

The sun started to glint back in his eyes. He threw up all his questions that had burned inside of him for all those years and blocked them.

It was time. Throwing his coat to the floor he inhaled the sweet air around him. He looked around himself one more time: Nothing, no answer to his prayers, no point in shielding himself from what inside he had really known all along. With that driving thought in mind he spread his arms and took one fateful step forward.

The End

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