Sgt. Troy

"Bartender, another round!" I slurred, tossing back a shot. A few of my fellow soldiers laughed and downed their drinks as well. The bar had some heavy metal band playing, the bass vibrating my insides. The bartender returned with a sour look on her face, she quickly filled my glass and left before I had a chance to hit on her. I tired, I thought chuckling to myself. 

"Hey Sergeant. Need a ride back to base?" I glanced over one of the younger soldiers and nodded. Going to a base by yourself, especially when you were smashed, was a good way to get yourself in trouble. The kid pointed out the window to a car, it's lights flashed momentarily. I drunkenly grinned, it was a nice sports car though was vision was too skewed to tell the make or model. Drinking the shot, I stood and stumbled towards the door. 

"Easy Sergeant, let me help you." A fellow Sergeant, Cain, put my arm over his shoulder and helped me out to the car. Being wasted always helped the memories of the past fade, if only momentarily. The car door opened an Cain eased me into the passenger seat. The lights outside, glittering and spinning wildly. I promptly thanked Cain and shut the door. The driver got in and started the car, causing it's engine to growl and purr. Before I knew it, I was passed out.  


An alarm blared in my, startling me off my bed. Rubbing my eyes, I checked the time, 0500hrs (or 5:00am). Shit, I had an important meeting with my CO concerning a new assignment. Hurriedly, I threw on a pair of Forest colored Cammies and tucked in my dog tags. I grabbed a pair of Tylenol off the counter to help combat my hang over. After lacing up my boots, I strapped my M9 semi-automatic pistol in it's leg holster. Before leaving, I gave myself a once over in the mirror. I had shaved blonde hair and crystal blue eyes, a scar running across the lower right side of my face. Being shot does that to you. Sprinting to the meeting, I arrived just in time. Commander Joseph turned and glared, but said nothing. When everyone was in the briefing room he started. 

"Men, by order of the President, we will be handing out new assignments today. This new mission will be known as Operation Guardian. Each one of you will be assigned a household, the family within will be your responsibility. Having said that, not only is it your job to protect them, but it also your job them realize. To agree that having government in there lives is the best thing to happen to them. Understood?" In unison, we all shouted a resounding 'Yes, Sir.' The commander nodded and grabbed a clipboard off the wall. 

"Assignments are as follows; Corporal Lewis- Bucannon Family, Corporal Howe- Rockchester Family, Sergeant Troy- Josh Family...." I walked over to the tack board and located the name and corresponding address.  The family was also listed as having a teenage daughter. Just my luck, I get stuck with teenage brat. Sighing I turned and left the room, walking down the hallway. I reached the main door and stepped outside, waiting for us was a large diesel truck that would drop us and our gear at our respective homes. 

The ride took two hours until we finally reached my stop. Shouldering my gear, I hopped down off the truck and headed to the houses front door. I knocked a few times and waited, a woman finally opened the door. 

"Can I help you?" she asked, a bit confused. 

"Ms. Josh, I'm Sergeant Troy. I'm your protection."

The End

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