I awoke with the sun streaming through my window and filling my bedroom with a pure, golden light. My bed’s crisp, white sheets encased my body in a comforting warmth. There was a knock at the door as my maid, Akiko, walked in, carrying a tea tray. “Your breakfast, ma’am” she said politely, nodding her head in respect and setting the tray down beside my bed. “Anything else?” she asked.

“Please run me a bath. Oh, and this time, make sure it is exactly 25 degrees. Last time, it was 23. I could’ve caught a cold!” I instructed her. 

“Y-yes, ma’am,” she sighed, seeming a little put out. For a moment, I felt bad, but this was soon dispelled. As I ate my breakfast, I gazed out of my window. Once I was finished, I stepped onto my balcony and breathed in the sweet, fresh air of the Summer. Everything was perfect, until I heard my fathers voice downstairs. I could only catch a few words of it from where I was standing, but it was enough to drain the colour from my face.

“...War....whole country at risk...bombs...most of the world involved...”. I could hardly believe my ears. Bombs. A war. The second war since 1918 that involved the whole world. World War 2, I suppose you’d call it. Now, in 1939, it was starting. An event that I knew would most likely change my life. But in the meantime, I had to check the temperature of a bath.

The End

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