Things fall

It's a short fall, and back on my own planet I'd have walked away from it. Here on the Noman Continent with its much stronger gravity, I hit the ground hard, and a sharp pain stabs upwards from my ankle.  I roll over, cursing up a storm and end up on my back, my knee pulled up to my chest and both hands around my ankle.  It's swelling fast, I can feel it.  And somewhere above me is a six-legged creature that has to be least friendly welcome committee I've ever met.

Nothing passes across the hole in the ceiling while I clutch my ankle and bite my lip waiting for the pain to subside, and when it's finally attentuated enough that I can make myself stop clutching at it, I realise that the creature must have lost interest when I disappeared.  Which means, I slowly realise, that there must be enough food on this continent for it, that I'm not worth hunting for.  Somehow this thought doesn't fill me with relief.  If I wasn't a target before in this strong gravity, I'm definitely one now with a sprained, possibly broken ankle.

Looking around me it's hard to see much.  There's a rough circle of light from the hole in the ceiling, but the rest is shadowed.  I can see enough to make out that I'm in a man-made room though, I can dimly see squared-off walls.  The floor is rock and gritty with sand.  There's a smell in the air, which isn't quite cinnamon but is the best I can identify it.

I scooch over to the nearest wall glad that I was wearing jeans when I was pulled from my own world; cotton trousers would surely be wearing into holes already by now.  Hauling myself back to my good foot, I traverse the room using the wall to support me.  The walls are concrete and smooth, but there are doors at both ends of the room.  One is plain and featureless, and the other has a frosted glass panel set into it at head height.  Both doors look thicker than I'm used to, but I understand that that's necessary in this gravity.

I can't climb out of the hole with a sprained ankle, so I'm going to have to choose one of the doors.  I'm just starting to hobble round the walls again to the nearest door when something clatters loudly overhead, like collapsing rubble.  I look up, terrified that the wall I was trying to push over is falling in on me, and a single red, high-heeled shoe falls through the hole.


The End

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